Job & Careers

Talent Concept

Sinotrans has always been caring about the growth and improvement of each staff while leading industry development. We are committed to creating innovative, efficient, and harmonious environment for human resources, making our company the best choice for people involved in logistics and achieving common development of both the staff and the company.

Employee Development

Focusing on corporate strategy, Sinotrans carries out a talent cultivation program featuring management training, on-job tutoring and skill-set enhancement.

Through a variety of orientations, new employees are able to learn more about logistics industry and the Company upfront.Through systematic on-job trainings by each functional and business department, our employees are able to improve professional skills tailored to customer demand. Through executive training programs in and outside of China, the core talents are able to broaden international horizon and acquire cutting-edge business administration knowledge.

Through e-learning, the corporate online knowledge centre, all employees can enjoy a 7/24 learning experience at fingertips and raise the awareness and enthusiasm of self-training.

Current Openings

We at Sinotrans India Pvt. Ltd. has below job openings. Interested candidates can apply & share their resumes with us by filling below application form.

  1. Sales & Business Development Executive - Candidate with experience of 2-4 years as Sales, Marketing & Business development from Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Custom clearance & Project Logistics Handling, Break - Bulk Cargo etc

    Job Vacancies - 3

  2. Customer Service Executive - Candidate with experience of 2-4 years as Customer service, logistics operations & client relationship management from Shipping, Logistics, Freight Forwarding industry.

    Job Vacancies - 2

  3. Warehouse Manager - Candidate with experience of 6 - 10 years in warehouse management, warehouse operations, warehouse Designing, planning, space management, distribution etc.

    Job Vacancies - 1

  4. Shipping Agent - Candidate with experience of 8 - 12 years in Port Operations, Import & Export Clearance, Shipping Documentation, Ship Repairs & Maintenance, Liaison with Govt. authorities etc.

    Job Vacancies - 1

  5. Transport Executive - Candidate with experience 2 - 6 years in Logistics & Transport Coordination, Logistics & Transport Management, Vehicle Management, Team Management, Supervision, Safety Management, Developing Standards, Managing Processes, Surveillance Skills, Reporting Skills, Analysing Information

    Job Vacancies - 1