Warehousing Services

Warehousing services are one of the main pillars of supply chain management.With our strategic presence and tie ups in key and strategic locations with our reliable partners, we understandchallenges and concernsabout your business and logistics needs. All Through our warehouses which are well-equipped with the latest technologies, forklifts, electric stackers, systematic racking system, hydraulic docking systems we offerfool proof solutions that adds for your business. Whatever industry sector you operate in, we provide dedicated and shared warehousing operations to make sure that our customers can deliver ontheir service delivery promise to their customers.

Highlights of our warehousing Service include but are not limited to:
  1. Subjective and objective analysis of your specific business needs, we will customize the best suited model, warehousing operations that deliver value to the business of customers.

  2. For customers who have low volumes, or uncertain demand, or both, we offer the option of shared warehousing. The flexible nature of shared warehousing concept coupled with cost benefits of sharing space, labour, equipment and transport, ensures consistent and smooth seamless supply chain operations of our customers.

  3. From planning, sourcing, production, storage, configuration and delivery to after-sales, our customers can expect from us to provide seamless and hassle free supply chain solutions that are multipronged and customized for any industry, in the most demanding market environment.